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Breaking and Enting Online!

I love to create analogies between our and the world’s physical universe. Similarities become more and more recognized every day. Here is my favorite.

“If you don’t take the security of your home or business computer seriously, it’s as if your home’s front door is open all day and night if you’re at home or not.”

The World Wide Web is a large place with every imaginable character on the market, many of whom are happy to interfere with your personal domain name and use it to their advantage. In addition, many seemingly trusted computers, such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and many others, large and small, are constantly struggling with the computer. When you start your computer, they’d like you to see your own things and always fight for everything you see. This causes application conflicts that can slow down your personal computer over time and slow down performance. Be an energetic player in managing your personal computer workspace by taking the opportunity to configure these necessary security measures and follow the best practices outlined below.

After a long time of working on the Internet, we have collected a set of applications and practices that have enabled us to use the network in a relatively secure manner and with minimal hacking to malicious users. These are our choices. Our goal is to save time for self-assessment of several different solutions.

1. Basic computer security for protection.

McAfee Virus Scan — We all like this option best. It worked best for us, with minimal interference in our time and workspace. Occupational safety is somewhat interfering by its very nature. From time to time it needs to update to keep up with spammers and virus writers. He does it in a way that does not interfere with their work. how to activate my mcafee antivirus

McAfee believes it is an absolute necessity. Price = approximately USD 60.00 a year (subscription).

2. Basic spam protection

CloudMark Spam Filter — CloudMark stands out the best way to keep up with spam. You can’t throw them, but you can control what you feel like looking at. This highly effective method uses the collective knowledge of countless email subscribers in real time to handle the ever-changing base of spammers, so it can filter them out until they are given the opportunity to attack the mailbox.

The application creates a spam folder in Outlook or Outlook Express, so you can view the nonsense if a fantastic email is captured, but when you view it, you can dump them all at one go. Really easy.

In addition, if you receive a Filter, you can report to the database with one click, which will block it more from a great email box and notify countless other people in the area of ​​spammer. We think it is a necessity. Download CloudMark here. — Price — USD 39.95 per year per user.

3. Standard protection against spyware and advertising

Ads and spyware are programs that (often without understanding, unless you like to read a lot of small print) mechanically installed on your computer. These applications change the way your computer sees advertisements on the Internet, and often cause uncontrolled pop-ups.

There are two applications that we used to protect our computers against adware and spyware. The fantastic news is that they are free. In addition, they offer paid updates, but we did well with both free versions.

Spybot Search & Destroy — this is a free application that we used and seems to work nicely for us. To get it.

Ad-Aware Personal — Captures many spy and advertising applications that others do not. To get it.

4. Update the Windows software

In our opinion, MS Windows is now easier to use and better protected in recent years. If you do not use Windows XP or newer, you will lose much simpler calculations. The upgrade is not so expensive and the profits are real.

More significant is that you need to update your version and install the latest patches when they are unavailable from time to time. The fantastic thing is that the latest MS Windows applications do it for you automatically.

Remember that every day you will find virus writers trying to attack your computer. Fortunately, you can find as many good people fighting and supporting them. By maintaining software updates, you reduce your chances
exploited. Fraudsters have tons of easy-to-choose benefits. You don’t have to belong to these easy choices. Just update. Download …

Important personal and procedural rules to be followed

5. Never, never, never accept or never think that it provides unsolicited email

If you buy something bleak, a.) You cheer on the trash, b.) You are exposed to viruses or bad applications, and c.) You are exposed to fraud. Just say not to any unsolicited commercial email (UCE).

It is illegal in most nations. If you don’t have spam today, the easiest way to start having trouble is to start buying from those who send it. You just need to be on one list in your email to trade and sell garbage in all circles, and I guarantee you will end up having a problem for you when you get started.

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