How to fix Windows Defender Error 0x80070015 on Windows 10

Before upgrading, most Windows users rejected the built-in security solution. Third-party options were applications that protected us against malware.

However, for Windows 10, Microsoft provides an enhanced Windows Defender as a practical choice for users everywhere.
While Defender provides strong protection with regular security updates, there are nevertheless a few issues. Several users reported an error code every time they tried to perform a custom scan.

Additionally, Defender seems to crash before the offline scan is complete. We seemed to have addressed this with several possible workarounds.

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How can I fix Windows Defender Error 0x80070015?
According to customers, the Windows Defender 0x80070015 error can sometimes show up on your own system and speaking of the error, here are some similar problems that consumers have reported:

Error code 0x80070015 Windows 10 configuration
This difficulty can sometimes occur when trying to set up a new version of Windows 10.
This problem could be caused by a third-party antivirus program, so make sure to disable it.
Error 0x80070015 Windows Update
Occasionally, this error message can interfere with Windows Update.
If that’s true, reset parts of Windows Update and see if it helps.
windows update error 0x80070015
This error can sometimes affect the Windows Store as well.
If you experience this, try all the answers in this report.

1. Install the latest updates
Open the Settings program. You can do this quickly by pressing Windows Key + I.
After opening the Settings program, go to the Update and Security section.
Click the Check for Updates button in the Perfect pane.
If updates are available, they will be automatically downloaded in the background. After downloading the updates, simply restart your computer to install them. Once your computer is up-to-date, the problem should be completely resolved.

Based on Windows Defender users, error 0x80070015 usually occurs because your system is out of date. An out-of-date system can have certain bugs and errors, and if you want to make sure your computer runs smoothly, you need to keep your system up-to-date.

Most of the time, Windows 10 automatically installs lost updates, but sometimes you may miss a update or two.

2. Remove third-party anti-virus software
Windows Defender doesn’t work well with third-party antivirus tools, also if you are getting Windows Defender 0x80070015 malfunctioning, your own antivirus software may be the cause.

If you are using another tool with Windows Defender, it is recommended that you disable or disable it.

After doing this, the problem should be completely resolved. If you’re not thrilled with Windows Defender, you can always switch to different antivirus software.

If you want a reliable antivirus that won’t cause any problems on your platform, we strongly recommend you check out Bitdefender 2019.

3. Uncheck the disks that are not included in the custom scan
Some users have reported a specific error when using custom scan. According to them, if they choose a free drive or a USB flash drive, Defender will crash. So, what you would really like to do is blow away or evaluate these disks. After that, Custom Scan should work fine.

4. Reset Windows Update solutions
Press the Windows key + X to launch the Win + X menu.
Select Control Prompt (Admin) or PowerShell (Admin) in the list of results.
After opening the command prompt, run the following commands:
net stop wuauserv
web stop cryptSvc
network stop elements
web stop msiserver
Ren C: \ Windows \ SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
Ren C: \ Windows \ System32 \ catroot2 Catroot2.old
net start wuauserv
Internet start cryptSvc
internet boot bits
web start msiserver
According to customers, sometimes Windows Update Providers can interfere with your system and trigger 0x80070015 error in Windows Defender. If you have this problem, it’s a good idea to reset Windows Update services.

When you run the commands, the Windows Update providers will be flashed and the problem must be completely resolved.

5. Rename the CBS Log document
Open File Explorer and go to C: \ WINDOWS \ Logs \ CBS.
Find the CBS Log document and rename it to anything you like.
Elimination of errors on the computer
Run a computer scan with Restoro Repair Tool to check for errors causing security issues and slowdowns. After the scan is complete, the repair procedure replaces the damaged files with new Windows files and components.

Disclaimer: You must upgrade to a paid program to eliminate bugs.
Fix computer errors
According to customers, the Windows Defender 0x80070015 error message may occasionally appear due to problems with the CBS.Log file. To fix this problem, you will need to locate and rename the CBS.Log file. After doing this, check if the problem is resolved.

Many users have reported that they cannot rename this document. This is caused by your vendors, so in order to fix this particular problem you just have to do the following:

Press Windows Key + R and enter services.msc.
Press Input or click OK.
When the Services window opens, find Windows Modules Installer support and double-click it.
Set the startup type to Manual and click Apply and OK to save the changes.
After doing this, restart your computer.
After restarting the computer, try renaming the CBS.Log document again. As soon as you rename the document, change the Windows Modules Installer Support Startup Type to its own default value.

6. Create new user accounts
Open the Settings program and go to the Accounts section.
Select Family & Others in the menu on the left. Click the Insert someone else button for this computer.
Select that I really don’t have this person’s login information.
Proceed to inserting a person without Microsoft accounts.
Enter the desired username for the new account and click Next.
If you experience the Windows Defender 0x80070015 error on your computer, the problem may be with your user accounts. Sometimes corrupted user accounts can be causing this, so to fix this you want to create new user accounts.

As soon as you create a new user account, change it and see if that fixes the problem. If the problem doesn’t appear with the new account, go to it from your own personal files and start using it instead of your previous account.

7. Repair system documents
Open Control Prompt as secretary.
When the Control Prompt command starts, type sfc / scannow and media Input.
SFC scan starts. The SFC scan can take around 15 minutes and therefore don’t bother you.
Sometimes, a corrupted Windows configuration can cause the Windows Defender 0x80070015 error to occur. But you can fix this problem simply by performing an SFC scan.

In some cases, the SFC scan may not fix the problem. If this happens, you want to perform a DISM scan by following these steps:

Run control prompt as secretary.
Now enter the command DISM / Online / / Cleanup-Image / / RestoreHealth.
DISM scan starts. This scan may take around 20 minutes to complete, so make sure you don’t interfere with it.
As soon as the DISM scan is finished, check again if the matter remains there. If the problem persists or if you are unable to perform the SFC scan, repeat it today.

8. Restore System Restore
Press Windows key + S and enter system restore.
Select Create a restore point from the menu.
When the System Properties window opens, click the System Restore button.
System recovery will begin. Click the Next button.
If possible, evaluate the View more restore points option.
Select the desired restore point and click Next.
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure.
Regardless of whether this error started showing up recently, it is possible that a current update or some other change to your system caused it. To fix the problem, it is recommended to perform a System Restore.

As soon as your system is recovered, check to see if the error message appears.

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