How to fix error code 0x80070422 on Windows 10

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If you visit error 0x80070422 on Windows 10, chances are you have a problem using Windows Update. Let’s take a close look at what causes this matter and how to fix the error code 0x80070422 windows 10.

What is Windows Error 0x80070422?
It’s worth mentioning what 0x80070422 means in Windows 10 before we get started. This is a bug in Windows Update.

No Windows updates will be installed if it appears. When you exit the Windows Update panel, you may see a message such as “There were some problems installing updates” or “Windows Update is corrupted.”

This error prevents your computer from updating if not fixed, which may open you up. Windows Update errors are a pain as you anticipate Windows Update running in the background.

This error is too hard to fix as it is a common cause.

1. Restart the computer
While it suggests all errors, it is important to restart your computer before troubleshooting. Restarting can fix problems that are temporary, so you don’t want to waste time working on a problem that has been fixed.
After restarting, try reinstalling the latest updates by going to Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update. Continue if you find the error again. Remember that after following the steps below to restart it isn’t a terrible idea.

2. Repair Windows Update
In most cases, the Windows Update 0x80070422 error occurs because of a problem with the Windows Update service. Windows providers are processes that run in the background of your user accounts, in case you are unaware. Your personal computer has tons.

Windows Update is. Windows Update will not work if it stops working properly. Therefore, this is a smart place to test first — just remember that you need administrator privileges to use it.

How to get administrator privileges in Windows Here is the best way to get administrator privileges in Windows 10 in case the administrator account does not work for several reasons.

To start a service supervisor, type provider in the Start menu to launch your own panel. You’ll see a list of dozens of vendors, but today you only have to worry about one thing: Windows Update. Double-click it to open the Properties window where you can change how it works.

In case the Startup Type field says it is disabled, this is likely the cause of the 0x80070422 error. The default option is Manual (Trigger Start); if you have a problem try automatically. Additionally, on this page, in case the service status has stopped, click Start.

Try to run Windows Update after making these modifications.

3. Restart other services
While you are in the Services panel, you can test another service: Network List. This support is responsible for storing information about them and identifying the network, which means you don’t think it’s essential. Regardless, many people have noticed that restarting fixes 0x80070422 bug.

From the service administrator, find the Netlist service. Right-click on it and select Restart to kill it and restart it, which will hopefully fix the problem.

While you are here, or if the problem has not been resolved by measures, please make sure all these services are running:

BitLocker Drive Encryption Service
DCOM Server Process Launcher
Network connections
Windows Defender Firewall

4. Run the Windows Update troubleshooter
Windows includes a variety of monitoring tools to help you fix problems. They do nothing of value, although they seem good in concept. Because they have a while, but still worth a try.

Go to Settings> Update & Security> Troubleshooting and click Added Troubleshooters to find the entire collection of tools. Under Get Started, select Windows Update> Run Troubleshooter to determine the correct one.

The app checks for problems and then lets you know if it finds actions to take. If it cannot recognize the problem, you can select View Detailed Information to find out exactly what Windows was looking for.

5. Disable IPv6
Another alternative to error 0x80070422 is IPv6 in Windows because Windows Update is based on your internet connection. IPv6 is the successor of the protocol, designed to enable over the previous version.

Many devices do not use IPv6, although it will be important later. In case it causes a problem, you can turn it off.

To disable IPv6 in Windows 10, go to the control panel from the Start menu, look for this utility and run it. If the View in the upper right corner shows a category, change it to Small icons and select Network and Sharing Center. From there, click the hyperlink next to Connections in the top right corner to start selecting an existing network.

In this panel, click the Properties button and another window will be opened. There, scroll down to locate Internet Protocol version 6 and clear the check box next to it. Strike OK to save your changes, then you have successfully disabled IPv6. Restart and try updates.

6. Evaluate registry values
You should check the registry entries to be sure they are correct if you have not resolved the 0x80070422 error code at this time. Remember that editing can damage your body, so be careful while you’re there.

Sort regedit to the Start menu to start the Registry Editor utility. Go to the key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE> Microsoft> Windows> CurrentVersion> Windows Update> Auto Update
If you find a key branded EnableFeratedSoftware, make sure it is 1. Otherwise, double-click it to change the value to 1.

If you do not see this underlying problem or if this does not solve the problem, other users have noticed that their problem was solved by changing another key registrar. Go to the next place:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ AppXSvc
Here, if the key Start is other than 3, double-click it and change it to 3, then restart and try again.

7. Play Advanced Windows Update Troubleshooting
If nothing to do with the problem fixed, the error has a deeper root. You’ll want to dig to discover what’s going on, and you may have to reinstall Windows 10 to fix corrupted files.

We have extra help for you: evaluate how to use SetupDiag for more innovative Windows Update troubleshooting and measures to fix most Windows Update problems.

How to fix your own update errors Windows 10 with SetupDiagMicrosoft provides a completely free tool to find out why an update or upgrade has not completed. Here’s how you can use it to fix your problems. Read more Windows Update Error 0x80070422 Fixed!
We have looked at many causes of this particular error in Windows 10 and you can fix them. Your difficulty was as simple as restarting Windows Update. Your computer will probably be!

For more control over later upgrades, you may also want to understand how to temporarily disable Windows Update.



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