8 solutions to fix Windows error code 0x00000e9

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When you turn on your computer, if it does not start, you may be concerned. Not only you, but it is also a natural reaction from everyone who meets her. However, if it shows error 0x00000e9, then there’s nothing to worry about. This is a common problem encountered by many users and fixing it is too simple.

This informative article will point out to you that 0xc00000e9 error windows encountered difficulties in transferring this problem as well as information recovery measures using Recoverit.

Part 1: What is 0xc00000e9 error Windows has encountered a communication problem?

Error 0xc00000e9 is a hardware error that suggests that the computer cannot connect to the hard drive. It prevents the PC or notebook from starting. This error can be caused by many reasons.

This can happen while disconnecting the external drive while it’s in use. Faulty hardware, fake operating system updates, corrupted registry files, etc. These are just a few other reasons that cause a crash.

Part 2: How to Fix Windows Encountered a Communication Error Problem?

A message appears at any time — Windows encountered a problem communicating with the device, this indicates a hardware problem or incorrect BIOS configurations. You can fix this along with the answers discussed here. Read on for comprehensive steps to fix the problem.

Option 1: Disconnect external devices one by one
A faulty link can be a potential source of the 0xc00000e9 error. You need to judge which connected device is causing the problem. To achieve this, you can disconnect all external devices one by one and see if that fixes the error.

If an external device is disconnected, repair the error and then replace the defective peripheral to prevent this 0xc00000e9 error from reoccurring.

Option 2: Restart your computer in Safe Mode
If Windows does not start normally, try booting into Safe Mode by entering WinRE — Windows Recovery Environment. You can enter Safe Mode by the following measures:

Measure 1. Input to WinRE

Turn off the computer after holding the “Power” button for 10 minutes. Turn on the computer, and as soon as it is likely to boot into the operating system, shut it down by pressing the power button. You need to do this in 3 days.

The next time the computer works, it will go to “Automatic Repair”. If this does not fix the problem, enter WinRE by clicking Advanced Options. Now try different computer repair options.

Measure 2. Click Startup Settings

You can access the startup settings by selecting the troubleshoot option and then clicking on advanced options and startup settings. Click on “Restart”.

Measure 3. Start your own Windows in Safe Mode with Networking

Turn on the computer and press the F5 key to boot into Safe Mode with Networking.

When you start your computer in Safe Mode, only essential services are provided. This may fix the problem — Windows encountered a porting problem.

Option 3: Change — Load Default — BIOS Settings
Incorrect BIOS setting can lead to 0xc00000e9 malfunction. Modifying or resetting the BIOS may fix the problem. Here are the steps to fix the problem.

Measure 1: Restart the computer and enter the BIOS setup by pressing the appropriate key. This can be F1, F2, F10, ESC, or DEL .. Press the one that is displayed on the Home screen when you turn on the computer.

Measure 2: Select “Load Optimal Defaults”

Measure 3: Click Advanced and configure preferences on AHCI or IDE.

Measure 4: Save the settings and restart the system.

Option 4: Perform an empty hardware boot
If the computer boots normally, it loads the number of files and programs. However, when deciding to perform a fresh boot, it only loads the files and applications that are essential to the functioning of the system.

When the system does not start normally with the 0xc00000e9 error, perform a clean boot to fix the problem. If you are considering a clean shoe in a safe way, we would like to inform you that they are both different.

Proceed with an empty shoe using the following measures:

Measure 1: Log on to your system as an administrator for boot privileges.

Measure 2: Type msconfig in the hunt and click “Enter”.

Measure 3: Choose System Configuration and go to Services tab.

Measure 4: Select “Hide All Microsoft Services” and click “disable”.

Measure 5: Open the task manager after going to the start tab.

Measure 6: Turn off all existing ones and close the task manager.

Measure 7: Click OK in the program configuration and restart the computer.

Try to open the computer after a blank startup

Option 5: Fix Windows startup problems
Windows startup problems can also be a potential cause of 0xc00000e9 crash. Fix it by following all the steps below:

Measure 1: Download a Windows installation ISO image from another computer. This should be compatible with your computer’s functionality.

Measure 2: Burn the ISO image taken from the previous measure to DVD.

Measure 3: Insert the Windows installation disc into the personal computer that is causing the crash and boot from the CD by pressing any key when prompted.

Measure 4: Press “Next” on the installation screen

Measure 5: Click “Repair Your Computer”

Measure 6: Now proceed to troubleshooting Windows startup according to your operating system.

If you are using Windows 7, click “Next” in the program recovery options and click restore on startup. He’s checking your problems.

Now when the problems are detected by Windows, it will fix them. It is possible to get rid of the recovery drive and click “repair and restart”. If the problem is not resolved, this procedure can be performed 2–3 times.
If the problem was not found while repairing the installation, click View Advanced Support and Recovery Alternatives. Click System Restore to restore it to an earlier phase.
If you are using Windows 8, then Consumers -> Advanced Options -> Automatic Repair -> Select Operating System. After completing the repair procedure, it reveals two results:
When Automatic Repair finds and fixes the problems, remove the recovery drive you added, then click “Restart and Repair”. If the problem is not resolved, this procedure can be performed 2–3 times.
In case the auto fix managed to detect the problem, click on advanced options in auto repair -> re -> advanced options -> system restore. If the system prompts you to enter accounts with administrator privileges, enter your own password and click “continue”.

Option 6: Uninstall the incompatible Windows Update
When installing updates for Windows, you make a few debug updates from time to time. It also leads to 0xc00000e9 malfunction. To fix this error, you need to uninstall the update in question. Surely you can do this in protected mode by the following means:

Measure 1: Enter WinRE and go to Troubleshooting -> Advanced Options, then Startup Settings.

Measure 2: Press F5 to select “Allow Safe Mode with Networking”. This may start your computer in Safe Mode with Networking.

Measure 3: Wire the “File Explorer” and click “This PC”. Now select “Properties”.

Measure 4: Click Control Panel. You can see it in the top left corner. Now select Programs and Attributes.

Measure 5: Select “View Installed Updates”.

Measure 6: Find the discussed update and click on it.

Check if the problem is resolved.

Option 7: System Restore
System Restore helps you restore your system to the previous recovery stage. After locating a restore point in the body, do the following:

Measure 1: After booting from the installation disc, click “advanced recovery options”.

Measure 2: Now click “System Restore”. You can see the restore points are being saved. Choose the stage from which you need to continue. This should be the stage before this error occurs.

Option 8: scan for bad sectors
When the hard drive used on its own body is for a long time, it can have bad interests that could cause 0xc00000e9 to crash. CHKDSK can scan your hard drive for bad companies or other errors. As it discovers, it also repairs bad sectors. Please follow the steps below:

Measure 1: Enter the command prompt by running it as administrator.

Measure 2: Sort chkdsk / f / r D: and hit “Enter”. D is the drive letter.

Measure 3: Reboot the device after scanning is complete

Part 3: How to recover data when Windows encountered problem informing about the situation

If your Windows has a communication problem, you may lose essential information when troubleshooting the problem. If you encounter it, recover your lost information easily with all Recoverit data recovery PC software. This is the highest rate of data loss recovery in various situations.

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The program can handle more than 1000 file formats and can recover data from damaged computer, recycle bin, hard drive and external storage device.

Download and set up Recoverit on another computer that is working normally. You want to create bootable media on this computer.

Step 1: Create a USB boot network

Run Recoverit on another computer and select “recover from computer crash”. Click on “Start”.

Connect USB to computer to develop bootable media. Every time system admits USB, click “Start”. Now select USB and click “Create”

After selecting USB, a warning message will appear regarding the formatting of the USB drive. Make sure you have a copy of your saved information. After clicking on formatting, the firmware download will start. This is software that is built into additional hardware devices and is necessary for the development of a boot disk.

After the firmware download is complete, partitioning of the connected USB begins. Then, the production of the bootable media begins. Do not remove the USB as the comprehensive bootable media creation procedure may take some time.

Measure 2: Boot from USB

Connect the bootable media — USB drive to the computer. Start the computer and press the BIOS key on the computer screen to select the bootable media and boot the system.

Measure 3: Data Recovery

After your computer boots to the generated bootable media, click the download data or hard drive backup option.

If you choose data recovery, select the disk to start scanning and attach to your computer’s drive. After the scan is complete, select the location where the recovered information is stored. Select the hard drive connected to the computer and click “recover”. All information will be downloaded from the computer to the hard drive. When recovery is complete, displays the message — Document Download Complete.

If you choose a hard disk backup, click the directory copy option and connect the disk to your computer. Select the connected disk, then click “Copy”. You will become aware of the practice of copying data from your personal computer to your hard drive. When the procedure is complete, it displays a message.

Preview your data after the download process is complete and save it to your preferred location.

The main point

Every time you encounter error code 0xc00000e9, don’t worry if your system won’t boot. We have covered a few options above. Fix the error by taking detailed measurements.

But in case of information loss while fixing the error, we recommend that you use Recoverit Data Recovery to recover your documents.



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